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Evil’s greatest objective is to desensitize us to its reality. If we fail to perceive evil for the threat that it is, to our lives and our society, then it can more easily dominate us.

We have a political class in Washington that universally denies the basic dignity of children in the womb. So evil their beliefs, that they don’t even believe that these children have a basic right to life. That is evil. The Chinese Communist Party has interned over a million Uyghurs in concentration camps for well over a year, and the strongest response to this evil from the world community is not sending diplomats to fancy parties at the Olympics. For two weeks, the deranged machinations of a single man has inflicted pain, suffering, and misery on the people of Ukraine.

In days like these, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. We are looking evil in the eye, that reality that we tried so hard to deny. We pray for peace, but still see suffering. Despair is a terrible thing.

This is another wake-up call for us. It’s a reminder that the fight for our salvation is a daily struggle, and that we are witnesses to the light in the face of great darkness. This is the essential truth that C.S. Lewis so beautifully conveyed in the
Chronicles of Narnia. In the face of evil, good always triumphs.