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Default to Yes

A new school year is upon us. For many parents, September is like a second January, a natural point in the year when we review our life, our goals, and our aspirations. For me, I want to change something in my relationship with my children.

My life is very busy with many small jobs. I don’t have the pressure of an external employer, but I do have the obligations of maintaining a home. Cleaning, laundry, and the daily tidying and maintenance tasks find a way of expanding to the available time that I have throughout the day; I’m constantly in motion. Invariably, at some point during the day while I’m checking things off of my list, one of my children approaches me with a request. They want to play a game with me, build with me, or do some sort of activity with me. I know that if I stop what I’m working on, I have to push that to-do off to the very limited 60 minutes I have in the evening between when the kids go to bed and I start to wind down for the evening.

My default answer right now is no. I’d like to change my default to yes.

I’d like to jump at these little opportunities to play with my children, to build our relationships, and to enjoy our company. I’m all too aware that these cute little ones will soon be too big and too busy for me. Besides, is what I’m working on really all that urgent? Surely it can be put off for another time.

So that’s my resolution for the new school year. When my kids come to me with a request to play, create, or build, I will default to yes.