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The Daily Struggle for Goodness

When you're trying to live a better life, a holier life, don't expect evil to just roll over and take it. The struggle between God and the Devil is a zero sum game. For every person that lives a holy life, there's that much less capacity for evil in the world. When seeking renewal or change, be prepared for the onslaught.

Evil wants power, absolute control, and absolute corruption. Like a disease, evil from one person can spread to another. A person who's fallen victim to sin can easily pull someone else into sin with them. In the same way, holiness in one person can spread to another.

Being tempted isn't a bad thing. In fact, sometimes it can be a sign that you're doing the right thing. That doesn't make it easier to endure, but it does give you more leverage to resist. The more momentum you have in your quest for holiness, the more successful you'll be. We can't reasonably expect for temptation to go away, but we can expect it to subside. Like lifting weights, the more frequently we resist temptation, the stronger we become.

Sin and evil are a fact of life, but participating in them doesn't have to be. Through the Sacraments, grace, prayer, and diligence, you can live a holy life. Millions of Saints have done just that, so why not be the next one?