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Daily Grooming

How we present ourselves to the world is an important aspect of live, and so making time for daily grooming is a must. To be fair, daily grooming can be a bit of a drag. Depending on the day, you may or may not feel like shaving, or you may opt for a few minutes of extra sleep instead of using that time for shaving. Regardless of how you feel on any particular day, make sure you take time for grooming.

Shaving daily, or allocating time for beard maintenance, is about more than just the smoothness of your face. It’s a discipline issue. If you can’t be disciplined enough to clean up your face every day, how can you be disciplined to accomplish anything of greatness? A scraggly appearance isn’t doing you any favors and, frankly, being properly groomed is a bit of a boost in manly confidence. Shaving may be tedious after doing it for decades, and yet it’s still a manly endeavor. Taking sharpened steel and skillfully running it across your face so that your face is as smooth as a fresh butter is, in its very essence, manly.

While it’s unnecessary to schedule your day around shaving time, plan your morning so that you have adequate time to accomplish this small, but important task. Shaving is alone time where you can contemplate life or plan your dreams. Never rob yourself of those moments in which you can ponder the meta questions.

The biggest asset in planning your day is knowing yourself. If you're a morning person, your fight will be getting to bed on time to ensure that you have enough rest to jump out of bed in the morning and charge. If you're a night owl, the fight is getting out of bed at the time that you planned for and set the night before. It's important to realize the connection between both the time you wake up and the time that you go to sleep.

Men are always properly groomed. Give yourself enough time in the morning to take care of you so that you can be ready to take on the world with a fresh shave, fresh ideas, and an overall pleasing appearance.