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A Fresh Start, Daily

If you’re like me, you’re really good at making mistakes. Oftentimes, you’ll reach expert level in your mistakes. When you get stuck in a rut, what does it take to get you out and back on the right path?

I fall victim to the “Perfect Day” myth regularly. I have 8 things that I try to do every day. Some of them are wellness goals, some are spiritual, and others are intellectual. I plan out my days, budget my time, and set my task list. Do you know how many times I get everything done? Rarely.

We live under the mistaken belief that we can control our day. But when we plan everything to the second, we don’t account for external factors. We don’t account for our kid waking up an hour earlier or a new project that needs our attention immediately.

So when we don’t finish everything we wanted to or we make mistakes, we feel like the day is a loss. Not so.

We’re constantly making mistakes. From those mistakes, we should be learning something new daily. We need to fail in new ways because it shows growth. So maybe I don’t clear off my to-do list, but I got the essentials done. That’s a win. Maybe I wasn’t completely responsive to Alison’s needs, but I surprised her by doing one of her chores. That’s a win.

Days get derailed. Plans get cast aside. We make mistakes. No matter how bad today was, tomorrow will be here soon and it’s bringing a fresh start.