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Dad Life

Lately I’ve developed a real interest in car care. I want our cars to last, so I try to wash them weekly and keep them clean. I’ve always been on the meticulous side when it comes to the cleanliness of our cars, but these days I’ve also taken an interest in making improvements. I’ve upgraded the rearview mirror, the interior lights, and the radio on the van in recent weeks. While working on these projects, it occurred to me that I’m now the dad and these are the kinds of things that I do now. Several times I’ve been in a bind while making a repair, but with no one to back me up, I just had to troubleshoot my way through the problem and make it work. During these times, I realized just how fun it is to be a dad.

There are plenty of things that dads do. We take care of the cars, manicure the lawn, spray for bugs, and make other repairs around the house. I have a growing tool box, work shorts, a work shirt, a work hat, and soon will have work gloves. I now complete the image of a dad doing chores around the house. I’m sure you wouldn’t have to think too hard to remember what your dad wore when he was working around the house. I now notice what needs attention or fixing, I make a list, and in rapid succession I check off the items.

While I still find it hard to believe that I’m living this dad life, I find it all very satisfying. Caring for our home and property is a way that I can show my love for my family. A good looking car and a good looking lawn sends a positive message to the world and my family gets to be a part of that message. A clean home gives us space to move and the opportunity to not feel trapped. With everything in working order, we can go about our days without being impeded by dysfunction.

There are innumerable ways that we can show our love to our family. Few ways are more impactful than for children to see dad on a weekend in his “work clothes,” hustling around the house making repairs, improvements, and maintaining the house that we all call home.