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Cutting Corners is Weak

Personal integrity is a key component to success. In fact, America's millionaires rated integrity as the number one reason for their success. Laziness is perhaps the greatest human vice. We have so much potential, the power of our minds, the dexterity of our hands, and a multitude of tools that to take all of these assets and not use them for anything is a waste. Our time and our days mean something, though in the moment that may not be entirely clear. Laziness is more than just complete idleness, it's also cutting corners. It's acceptable to acknowledge our tendency to find easy ways out. Half of the battle is knowing just who your enemy is. Instead of cutting those corners, and inevitably losing, do the job right.

Consider the corners we all like cutting. We skip exercise, indulge on ice cream, and gain weight. We skip doing the dishes one evening only to find the kitchen overwhelmed the next day. We go easy on our work at the beginning of the month only to have to play catch up and work three times as hard at the end of the month to make our production goals. Cutting corners only hurts us. It may not hurt now, but eventually, it will.

Life as an adult out on your own gives you dignity. Certainly we each innately have dignity as human persons, but there's something special about having the ability to work and support yourself. Many times in my working life I've recognized and appreciated the gift of honest work and have prayed a simple prayer of thanksgiving for that grace. All jobs, whether they be mowing your lawn or washing your car, all the way up the line to your most important project, deserve to be done with the same degree of diligence. The projects that you complete are a personal reflection on you. So if you consistently turn out shoddy work on the job, you're liable to get fired. If, however, you are known for diligently completing high quality work on time, you're liable to get promoted.

Your name is put on every project that you complete. The question is, are you willing to associate yourself with that finished product? It's a lesson that we all learned very young. Our parents counseled us about the danger in cutting corners. It's a violation of our integrity, it's a lie, and it ends up hurting us and our reputation in the end.