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Count Your Blessings

Greetings from the Jersey Shore! My family has gathered from five different states to celebrate Thanksgiving together. Kids are running all over the house and plenty of warm feelings are going around. The holiday season is in full swing, and I’m enjoying some rest after another busy year.

This trip is one that I've looked forward to all year. There’s something magical about our family beach trip. It's quiet, relaxing, and a welcome break from the world. I also love this experience of gathering with my adult siblings and their spouses and children. I’m soaking up this year’s experience because I know it’ll be harder to come by when we move West next summer.

Strife, politics, religion, and life choices have torn many families apart. For them, Thanksgiving is a painful reminder of the wounds that they bear. As you gather around the table tonight, be brave enough to lay down your hurts and animosity. Life is too short to spend being anger and resentful.

Last Thanksgiving, I shared with you how gratitude is at the heart of the Christian life. In preparing to share this message with you, I re-read it. Our World hasn’t improved much since last year. Despite this sobering fact, I'm still inspired by the beauty of gratitude. I’m humbled by the sacrifices of so many who built and defended this country. We all enjoy this day, and our freedoms, because of their bravery. While it can be hard to see, we have so much to be thankful.

I hope that you'll carve out a few minutes today to spend outside alone. In those quiet moments, reflect on the blessings in your life and share a prayer of thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving!