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Contemplating Life

Change is on the horizon for my family. Later this summer, we’ll be welcoming our fourth child home. The Book of Psalms describes children as a “gift from God” and as “a reward.” As I watch these young lives blooming before my eyes in slow motion, I’m seeing the wisdom of the author.

The warped view of human sexuality that has taken root among our friends and families is discouraging. The most intimate expression of human love diluted and redefined into merely a physical, transactional act. The overall effect is a loss of the sense of awe that we possess surrounding marital love. If we dare to pull back the veil, if we seek to explore more fully its meaning, we see our pivotal role in the divine plan.

God chose, in His wisdom, to actively involve spouses in human reproduction. Separate from the animal kingdom, the decision to establish and grow a family is meant to be one deeply rooted within a marriage. It’s a process full of prayer and discernment. It’s a joint conclusion that meets at the mysterious crossroads of martial and divine love. As a result, an entirely new being is brought forth

This new person’s creation, effected by God and the love of spouses, was intended, from the beginning of salvation history, to be brought into the world. Their participation in the divine life and plan is only possible through the mutual love of spouses.

This summer, our family will experience, and make possible, the joyful fulfillment of God’s loving plan. As a result, everyone who comes into contact with our daughter will have the experience of our joy.

I hope that I will not soon forget the gravity, mystery, and majesty of this birth.