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The Constancy of God

We’ve all experienced a time of great betrayal in our lives. An instance when we were comfortable and happy in our world, only to have it turned upside down by someone very close to us. Perhaps it was a devastating divorce of your parents or a shocking betrayal by a very close friend.

The effects of these events are enduring. We struggle to cope with them years down the road and, sadly, sometimes people never recover. We insulate ourselves from the world and from other people, causing us to miss out on some truly special relationships because we're haunted by the ghosts of the past.

Perhaps most damaging about a single act of serious betrayal is that we stop believing in permanence. If marriage was lasting, how come my parents got divorced? If you can't trust an old friend, whom can you trust?

Our perceptions of the world get warped and eventually this distorted view of reality ends up trampling our spiritual life. We can't understand how anything could be permanent, so how can God always love me, even though I commit egregious sin? How can God always be with me when He feels so far away.

These are the struggles that every Christian faces at one time or another. We struggle to understand, with our knowledge of human relationships, how God can be so resilient to our disloyalty and so ready to forgive.

It's one of the great mysteries of our faith and, truthfully, it's one that we should be constantly celebrating.

In a world adrift, despite the mistrust we might have in human relationships, God is always present. He never leaves us and He's always ready, able, and willing to welcome us back into His good graces.

This constancy is something that we can never hope to understand, but is something that we should place great confidence and trust in. This isn't a fleeting promise or a flippant mood that He's in, He is always full of mercy and love. He's unchanging in a changing world. It's us who leave Him, not Him who leaves us.

As we enter into this new year, now's a good time to evaluate where you are in your relationship with God. We all have really dark times when we've distanced ourselves from God and maybe this is the year you rediscover the joy and peace of Catholicism.

Find some good books to read, go to Confession and experience overwhelming emotions of joy and hope, chisel out some time for daily prayer. Do good works, avoid evil, and relish the great gift of faith.

God is always waiting to hear from us. Pick up the phone right now.