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One Step Closer to Holiness

The battle for self-control is one that's waged daily. We’re constantly being pulled in two directions. On the one hand, we want to do what's right and on the other, we want to do whatever will selfishly benefit us. At times, good is winning and at other times, evil is winning. This is our daily experience. Yet, it's possible, with time and discipline, to do more good than evil. Beating temptation today makes you stronger tomorrow.

The struggle is real and so is the temptation. Our weaknesses are exploited and our humanity seeks to overpower our will. Our faith and our vocation to the married life both ask that we reject our humanity and instead choose the higher good, but that's no easy standard to reach. In fact, after a moment of personal reform, temptation can become even more intense.

Consciously choosing to reject evil and choose the good is the right choice and, ultimately, will make us happier. We all objectively know this to be true and have some amount of experience to tell us that it is. By choosing to do good over evil, we get a little stronger and evil gets a little weaker. We deprive evil of the thing that it desperately needs to survive, our consent. Yet, despite this objective knowledge, in the moment, it seems all too easy for us to be over powered.

The best way to deal with these realities is to take the long view. You might lose the battle today, but Ultimately you'll win the war. By imagining how committing this particular sin will affect you tomorrow, a week from now, and a year from now, you gain critical perspective to help you make the right choice today. So while a temptation appears to be fun or exciting today, you can see the negative effects that it'll have over the long term, and be better equipped to reject it.

There's no quick fix to overcoming human weakness. We're all flawed, each of us in a particular way that will be constantly exploited. Yet, if we take one small step towards holiness today, and another tomorrow, and one more the day after that, soon we'll find ourselves in the place we want to be.