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A Christmas List

Although Christmas is just a few days away, I wanted to share an idea with you that might make next year's Christmas season a little bit less stressful. While the focus of the Christmas season should be on preparing our hearts to receive Christ, there's also an element of gifting. Gift giving is a wonderful and generous practice that allows us to show, in a material way, the internal feelings we have for one another. At its heart, gift giving is one person seeking to bring joy or help into the life of another. We give the gift of money to charities to ease the pains and sufferings of others. We give gifts to our spouses and children to meet some need or to bring them joy. We give gifts to our coworkers to thank them for their diligent work. Gift giving only becomes a negative when it takes our focus off of Christ and puts it on to materialism.

A perennial problem with gift giving is figuring out what to give a particular person. We all have those "hard to shop for" people, or even just people that we want to knock it out of the park for. Oftentimes, those people are our children, our siblings, or our parents. The more people that you have on this nebulous list, the easier it is to lose focus on preparing for Christmas.

Thankfully, Alison has a solution for you. Since last year, she's put together a list of 20-30 prompts that she asks her siblings and I to fill out. The list covers all of the bases when it comes to gift giving. There are prompts for big gifts and small gifts, charitable gifts, homemade gifts, disposable gifts, and of course, those "must have gifts."

Although she changes it each year, I wanted to share it with you as a way to help bring some clarity to your life. I'll share it earlier next year, but for now, this list makes a great prompt for gift shopping. In fact, it might even make a great list for birthday presents. We hope it helps!