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Cherish the Good Times

Like anything in life, marriage is hard. It has its seasons. Some days are amazing, better than the early days of dating. Some stormy days leave you grasping for the light at the end of the tunnel.

You have to learn to take advantage of the good times, turn everything off and focus on your marriage. By taking advantage of the good times, you can shorten the bad.

Everything in your life relates to your relationship with your wife. Your finances will suffer if your relationship is bad, and your career may decline.

Each morning, you determine the objectives to complete to have a successful day. Then nothing stands in your way. Your spousal relationship needs to be on that list each morning.

When Alison and I have a good day, my day gets better. Sometimes that means more time spent with her and less time on my other tasks. I may have to put some things off for tomorrow, but any time spent with Alison is time well spent.

Harmony in your marriage will increase the number of your good days. But, bad days will come; you can't avoid them. What you can do, is reduce their frequency and be better prepared to handle them.

It's okay to stop and smell the roses. A good day in your relationship presents the opportunity to make that day even better. It allows you to strengthen your bond and grow in harmony. Be wise enough to seize those opportunities; cherish the good times.