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Cherish the Good Times

Marriage is hard. Like anything in life, it has its own seasons. Some days are more amazing than the days when you first started dating. Some days are so bad that you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

You have to learn to take advantage of the good times. You have to learn to turn everything off and focus on your marriage when times are going well. By taking advantage of the good times, you can work to shorten the bad.

Everything in your marriage is based on the relationship with your wife. If your relationship is bad, the money will be screwed up. If your relationship is bad, your work will decline in quality. If your relationship is bad, every single aspect of your life suffers.

We don’t spend time focused on building our relationships. As men, we wake up in the morning, determine the objectives that we must complete in order to have a successful day. Then we let nothing stand in the way.

I know how it feels. In fact, I felt that way, too. What I found was that when my wife and I were having a good day, my day got better when I put my life on hold to be with her. Did I check everything off of my todo list that day? No. Did I invest my time wisely? Absolutely.

You see, the more that you and your wife are in harmony, the fewer bad days that you will have. You cannot completely eliminate them, but you can severely reduce them. When those bad days do come, you’ll be better prepared to handle them.

We need to learn to truly stop and smell the roses. A good day in your relationship presents the opportunity to make that day even better. It presents the opportunity to strengthen your bond. It presents the opportunity to grow in harmony.

Let’s be smart enough to seize those opportunities. Let’s be sure we don’t let anything get in the way of us cherishing the good times.