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Change Requires Pain

There's something very real and raw about wanting to make changes in our lives. We all want to be better than we are today. We can see our future and (hopefully) we foresee brighter days with better financial security, better jobs, better opportunity, and better quality of life. The challenge is enduring the pains that it takes to get us from where we are to where we want to be.

For the past 4 (almost 5) years, I've been working on my physical health. We all innately understand the challenges of weight loss and, once we achieve our goal, the challenge of maintaining it. With all of the delicious foods in the world, consistently saying no to the bad things and yes to the good things is a real challenge. My main tool for getting me to my ideal weight has been walking and tracking my daily steps, but lately I've added in more traditional exercises. I've chosen to do the 7-minute workout about five times per week. if you're unfamiliar, you basically do twelve 30-second exercises at an intense pace. I hate every minute of it.

It's pretty cute when Benedict comes over to hang out with me while I workout and mimics what I'm doing, but overall, it stinks. It's difficult, it's oftentimes painful, and it's always uncomfortable. I know that since I'm just beginning, it'll get easier, but jumpstarting this routine is all uphill. So why continue? Because I know it'll get me where I want to be.

Physical health, emotional health, spiritual health, and even relational health all require us to, at times, experience difficulty, pain, and discomfort. Yet, after we push through the challenges, we reach the other side where there is increased quality of life. People never reach their weight goal and say, "That wasn't worth it." No one puts down a novel and says, "I wish I had spent that time watching TV." No one spends an afternoon with their child and says, "I wish I had worked."

The more resistance you face in making your life, or the life of your family, better, the more assured you should be of your goal. Keep pushing, it's almost always worth it.