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Change One Fault Per Month

Two weeks ago, I wrote about conversion in our lives. In the post, I talked about how conversion doesn’t happen overnight, but through thousands of small decisions.

If you’re like me, you have faults that you wish you didn’t have. Changing those faults can be difficult. You may have tried in the past, but failed. We can all be more successful with focus.

Through the simple action of committing to focusing on changing one fault per month, in a year you can be a whole new man!

Make a list of things about you that you consider to be faults. Be open and be honest with yourself. Pick one and attack it with vengeance.

Don’t do this alone… seek your wife’s help. I bet she’ll want to help you in this process.

Throughout the process, you’ll fail. You’ll be working on one habit for three weeks and on day 23, you’ll fall back into your old ways. The key to success is your ability to shake it off, get back up, and move past your failures. We all fail, but only the strong persevere.

The time for change isn’t tomorrow, it’s right now.