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One of the great tragedies of our modern era is our misunderstanding of the value of children. For a wide range of reasons, people tend to hold a very pessimistic and self-centered view on children. This contraceptive mindset has brought us to a very sad place where people miss out on the absolute joys of raising children.

Kids really are amazing. A new life, that knows nothing, moves at a rapid clip to smile, roll over, verbalize, crawl, stand up, walk, feed itself, and so much more. Time moves incredibly fast and the joys happen daily. While there are bad days, grumpy days, and annoying days, those events and those days melt away with one cute smile, laugh, or hug. Little kids really are the best.

The thing that we're missing by avoiding having children is that parenthood is both exhausting and fulfilling. While I love Benedict, I really love those two hours before bed when he's asleep and I'm off the clock. I tend to find myself in that time both enjoying the rest and at the same time waiting with eager anticipation to get him up in the morning and play with him. While parenting depletes your energy levels, it builds you up as a person in a lasting way. This child depends on you for everything, and you provide. There's no better feeling.

The Bible tells us that children are a gift from God, and truly they are. Above anything or anyone else, your child wants you. A child will grow and help to support your household and complete many of the daily chores that need to be done. Yet, their purpose is more than just utilitarian. Children are a blessing by their presence. Their presence and their personhood is a gift that you get to unwrap daily.

A contraceptive mindset has blinded us to the reality of children. They're not a burden to be avoided, rather they're a blessing to be embraced. Accept them as gifts and give them all of your love.