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Building Our Own Prisions

Temptation is difficult to endure. You’re actually not doing anything wrong by being tempted. It’s only when you indulge that you get into trouble. The real problem comes when you start actively seeking temptation.

During this month, I spend upwards of 13 hours each day alone at home while Alison is at work. 13 hours is a lot of time for me to get into trouble. They say that idle hands are the Devil’s tools, so I pack my schedule in tight. Between cleaning, cooking, baking, chasing Benedict, and running a business, I limit the amount of idle time that I have. This is critical in my proactive plan to avoid temptation.

Sin traps us. When we choose to sin, we create our own prison. Just like people who fall victim to substance abuse, we get caught in a cycle that can be hard to break. Sin is oppressive and binding. It can take away our hope and lead to despair.

So when temptation comes along and we flirt with it, we start building our prison until we’re finally trapped in a sin that we don’t want to be committing. The only way out is through the Sacrament of Reconciliation. It’s our get out of jail card, though it’s far from free. Some has already paid the price for our freedom.

Stop building your own prison!