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Bringing Roadtrips Home

I love taking road trips with my wife.

The reason?

It provides hours of quality communication. It is just the two of us. The really cool thing about many of the road trips that we’ve been on is that it has become dream time.

Why are road trips the ideal incubator for conversation? There are no distractions. There is no television, no computer. Certainly there are iPads and iPhones, but the car has a natural way of making it less appealing to do heavy reading while in motion.

I think the environment of a car trip is something that we need to replicate in our homes. It is almost too difficult to have a great conversation when a television is in the room, even if it is turned off.

You need to actively work towards a “conversation zone” where you can focus just on each other. These talks are refreshing and they meet a deep need to be heard and understood.