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Blazing Your Own Path

I wish I had started my web design business back in college. The free enterprise system and the American Dream are built on the idea that if you can do something or sell something, then the only limiting factor is you. You don't need anyone's permission. Just get out there and get it done. If I had started years ago, I'd be in a very different place right now. Yet, I'm not going to spend much time dwelling on those missed opportunities. Instead, I'm going to blaze a path forward.

Too many of us live in fear when it comes to our careers. We crave job security, yet job security is a myth. Any company, at any time, no matter how big or small can either grow exponentially or be days away from closing their doors. We desperately want pay raises, but while performance is a must, a company can only afford so much compensation. It's a great strategy to not put all of your eggs in one basket.

If you want to blaze your own path, if you want to work on some passion that you've always had, start small and start on the side. Keep pushing hard at your day job, get home and push hard for a few more hours on your side job. Limit your expenditures, grow slowly, and know that if you can drive it forward, you can win. You may not be ready to work full time on your side job today, but you might be ready next year, or in two years.

If you have something that you truly love, find a way to build it into a business, work like crazy, and make it happen. The only thing standing in between you and success is you. Push, charge, fight, and win.