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Better Than A Purity Ring

Some people believe that in Christian Marriage chastity is no longer a struggle. False.

I’ve really enjoyed the past four years since graduating from Franciscan University. Many of my friends have gotten married and have begun to grow their families. This has been a huge benefit to me personally because I’ve been able to learn a lot about marriage. It’s helped me better understand marriage and avoid making more than a few mistakes.

One of my good friends Rob shared this gem about chastity with me a few months before my wedding. It was really good advice and a simple line that’s stuck with me.

Human sexuality is an extremely powerful part of our nature. It can be used for extreme good, binding spouses together and creating new life. It can also be used for extreme evil, leading to the eventual loss of sanctifying grace. It’s up to us to control it and use it for good.

The reason that sexual temptation is so strong is because regardless of how morally licit or illicit what we’re doing is, it still feels physically good. So many things around us make it seem even more normal. In fact, in some instances, people in positions of authority may encourage us to commit morally illicit sexual acts.

We struggle to see people as people because they aren’t often portrayed that way. In TV shows, movies, plays and art, people are depicted as objects. Even on our own streets, we see people dressing in ways that do not celebrate their dignity or sexuality.

So how do we maintain our purity and chastity in this climate? Some use a purity ring as a reminder that they’ve made a commitment to themselves. But is it enough?

No. The reminder aspect is fabulous, but we need something more. We need action. We need constant prayer and attention.

You can’t achieve holiness without achieving self-mastery. Be vigilant, be alert, and grow daily in purity.