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Love / Lead / Serve

Believe in Yourself

There's a direct correlation between how successful you are and how diligently you work. The hardest workers get promoted the fastest, get the biggest raises, and are given the most freedom. You can be the top performer in your company if you show up every day and bring your A game.

The path to becoming the best starts with a belief that you can do anything that you apply yourself to. Far too many people have a terrible work ethic. They didn’t set out to be poor employees, but they find themselves overwhelmed by the stresses in their lives. This creates a golden opportunity for you to shine when you show up every day with a serious work ethic that gets stuff done. If you're going to win, you're going to need to start believing that you're smart enough and good enough to be the best.

Be a serious team player and seek advice on how to improve your own performance. Do nice things for your coworkers, lend a hand whenever possible, and always keep an eye on the team's goals while you're pushing on your own.

If you bring it every day, your annual review is going to be very different at the end of this year. Start believing that you can be the best, deliver a strong performance daily, and don't let anything get in your way.