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Bedroom As Sacred Space

We have many rooms in our homes, but perhaps the most curious is the bedroom. We have an entire room, sometimes per person, dedicated solely to sleeping. In fact, depending on how much you’re home during the day, it might be the room that you spend the most time in. Your bedroom is a truly sacred space.

Your bedroom is a retreat from the world. It’s a place for peace and solitude. You prepare for your day in your bedroom, you might even pray or read there. It’s the one place in your home where there really are no expectations. When you’re in your bedroom, or more commonly referred to as “your room,” no one is expecting you to be working, cleaning, or preparing anything. It’s almost as if the time you spend there is completely your own.

Your room should be regarded by everyone as your sacred space. It should be a place that you can go and not be disturbed. If you need a moment to unwind, your room should be the place to do it.

You should never fight with your wife in your bedroom. Any fight would completely disrupt the peaceful atmosphere. Just as your bedroom is a place of refuge for you, it should be the same for her.

If you’re currently only using your bedroom for sleeping, I’d encourage you to start spending some more time there during the day. We need that peace and solitude in our lives. You could meditate, read, or pray. Above all, enjoy the quiet refuge that your bedroom offers you.

Your bedroom might just be the most peaceful room in your house. Use it.