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The Beauty Around You

Spring is my favorite season. It's used to be Fall because I absolutely love cold, grey, steely October days. Yet, I'm a person who loves hope, promised, and newness, so therefore Spring must take the crown. Perhaps my favorite part about Spring is getting Spring Fever. On the first warm day of the season, I immediately want to get outside, wash the car, and pull out all of my summer clothes. While the nice weather is usually gone the following day, the sentiment is right. Get out of your house and enjoy being outside!

Winter is incredibly harsh and sedentary. It's no wonder we all gain weight while everything around us is so bleak. The only exercise we get in Winter is shoveling all of that dang snow. Winter makes me feel trapped, like a hibernating bear. It's a necessary season, but it's one that's pretty unhealthy.

Spring, on the other hand, is quite the opposite. It's warm, cheerful, and the sounds of chirping birds lift my spirits. We get to be active, play outside, and not put on four layers of clothing just to get the mail. Spring is inviting and it brings us the promise of an amazing season to come. Nature and creation are truly beautiful, but it's all too easy for us to ignore it. We drive past the same scenery every day going to work, but we fail to notice the sheer beauty and magnitude of the life around us. Spring invites us to again appreciate creation because what was once dead comes roaring back to life.

Now that we're nearing the end of Spring and entering into the Summer season, I encourage you to spend more time outside. If you have a deck out back, pray out there in the morning or read out there in the evening. If you have a nice lawn, play out there with your kids or have a barbecue with your friends. Open the windows of your house, go for a walk, and get active again. Nature is all around you, waiting for you to enjoy it. Get out there!