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How to Avoid Wasting Afternoons

Wasting time is a waste of time.

I hate afternoons or evenings where I just sit around watching TV for 2 or 3 hours. Of course, I’m not just watching TV, I’m usually on my phone reading news, checking Twitter, or doing one of the countless other things that are possible with phones today. It’s not that I’ve neglected my to do list… usually at that point in the day, everything is pretty much done. It’s that I yearn to be doing something meaningful.

We certainly all have a need to relax. With work and chores, we spend plenty of time engaged and expending energy and we need to set aside some time each day for relaxation. But healthy relaxation isn’t zoning out… it’s unwinding.

Reading is relaxing. Playing a board game can be relaxing. Going for an evening walk is relaxing. Enjoying dinner as a family is relaxing.

We need to relax, not be excessively idle. Idle hands are the Devil’s tools.

So get off the couch and go do something meaningful with your evening. You deserve it.