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At Your Altar

Parenting is a regimented and structured adventure, with known milestones sprinkled throughout the growth and development of your children. Although I know these milestones, and can see them coming, they always seem to catch me by surprise.

Over the weekend, Benedict and Felicity both participated liturgically in the Mass. For Benedict, it was his first time serving at the Altar. It had been two months since his training, and I started to sweat a little as I saw him process in with one of the candles, but he did an outstanding job. He was focused, still, and showing signs of spiritual maturity. Being around the other servers gave him permission to elevate his participation. It was also great to see the more experienced servers guide and mentor him.

Felicity, after months of weekly choir practice, sang with her choir-mates at a different Mass. They sang at Christmas, so this wasn’t her first time, but right from the front row, with only her curly haired head peaking over the front pew, she sang the parts of the Mass.

Benedict and Felicity have attended Mass weekly and, to varying degrees, participated. But there’s nothing like serving at the Altar and seeing the liturgy up-close, physically participating, to make it all possible. Together, in their ways, using their gifts and talents, they served at the Altar, elevating the solemnity of the Mass.