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The Apartment Phase

Our lives have phases. There are good phases and there are not so good phases.

There is one particular phase that almost every married couple goes through, the “Apartment Phase.” I don’t mean to say that all newly married couples live in apartments. What I do mean to say is that this phase is that initial phase.

If you’re like me, when you were first married, you didn’t have much. You had two of everything and were broke.

The Apartment Phase usually involves dreaming about your next move. You dream about that big promotion. You dream about how great it will be when you’re making much more money. You dream about what it will be like when you have a big family.


As a culture, we’ve really forgotten to enjoy experiences. We’ve forgotten how to appreciate where we are in life. We’ve forgotten that the here and now is as important as tomorrow.

That isn’t saying that you should be reckless or foolish. What that is saying is to take time to “stop and smell the roses.”

Yes it is fun to dream, and you should. Yes things will get better. Today isn’t too bad itself, though.

When you’re in the Apartment Phase, enjoy! Enjoy living the stories that your grandchildren will hear about how you and your wife lived in a hole in the wall. Enjoy living the stories of working long hours to provide for your wife. Enjoy these times now because in a few decades, you’ll see how these days today took you to where you wanted to go.

Dream about tomorrow. But don’t forget to fully live today.