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A Week of Warmth

It was a week of snow and ice, sleet and freezing rain. It was a week of downed power lines, rolling blackouts, and water boil advisories. Not only that, but it was a week of blistering cold, scarce food, and misery. But in my house, it was a week of warmth.

The Polar Vortex that plunged our country into a deep freeze touched people from coast to coast. Over 75% of the nation was covered in snow. Widespread power outages and impassible roads sent many communities into chaos. I watched in advance as the seven-day weather forecast predicted a catastrophic weather event. It came to pass, but my home was protected.

It was cold, indeed, and we had our fair share of snow and ice. All week, with Alison’s office closed, my family stayed home. Morning after morning, we looked outside at a serene winter landscape, preparing for the moment when the power would go out and a deep cold would set it. The moment never came.

Instead, we had a wonderful week as a family. We tackled projects together, played games together, and even had time to play out in the snow. I credit this week of blessings to the protection of St. Joseph.

I launched this blog eight years ago on his feast day, and I share his name, along with my father, my brother, and my son. Last year, I consecrated myself to St. Joseph, and this week I began the 33-day preparation to renew that consecration. Each day and each night, I prayed for his protection over my family and our home. And each day, through his intercession, we were safe and warm.

St. Joseph protected his family as he walked through the desert to Egypt. He protected his family during their time in a foreign land, and all the way back home. This week, he protected my family. For his intercession, I am grateful.