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A Time for Play

Work expands to the time that you give it. Work is a good thing, giving structure and purpose to our days. It allows us to share our skills with others, and to provide economically for our family.

After many years out of the workforce, I’ve suddenly found myself back in it. Eight years away, and I’m surprised at how little has changed. Many times throughout the week, I experience something and remember just what it feels like to work.

I have a weekly hours cap, and I work right up to it. My original plan was to spread those hours out of over the course of six days, but in practice, I’ve noticed the benefit of finishing for the week on Friday night. There’s a sense of completion as I log off for the weekend, and see my schedule opening up.

With my work done, I’m free to say yes all weekend long. Play, reading, and rest all come easily, without the tension of needing to work. I can spend time with my family without having to think about my to-do list, it’ll keep until Monday morning.

We need a time for play in our schedule, and it needs to be more than just on the weekends. When our children come and ask for our time, we should give it to them, even in small doses. But working to finish by Friday and have an open weekend is a worthy goal, too.