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A Father's Love

What is the measure of a good father? Is it the serenity in his house, the manicured lawn, or perhaps just food on the table every evening? All men contemplate their self-worth. This is an intellectual process that naturally occurs in life. The easiest answer is in the economic value that they produce for their family. While helpful, a utilitarian approach denies the most important contribution a father makes. The true value of a father is his love.

Men show love in many ways that fall outside the common notion of affection. A birthday gift of a pocketknife for his wife may be, in his mind, the best gift he can give. He sees the knife as an omnipresent tool, ready to jump in and help from the most menial tasks to those where life and property are under threat. To his wife receiving this gift, he may be the tool.

What men may fail to express in words, they express in action. In the early minutes of the day or as the evening’s twilight fades, he lifts his family up in prayer. Little girls often find themselves on their dad’s lap, quietly watching a movie or reading a book. Sons may receive exclusive invitations to outdoor adventures or even just trips into towns. Wives drive clean cars and enjoy a carefully tended to lawn.

The true measure of a man, and his success as a father, begins simply. It’s his presence. In words and deeds, on good days and bad, he’s there, ready to give his family whatever they need.