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A Father's Gratitude

The life of a stay-at-home dad isn’t easy. It’s much more difficult than I imagined it would be. My days are in constant motion. I get out of bed at 5 am, because if I don’t have time for myself before 7 am, I won’t see another moment until after 7 pm.

I have two small children, with a third on her way. I know that this schedule that I have cobbled together rests on shifting sands. Development curves and daily emotions threaten the delicate balance. The stability of my former life is a distant memory.

I take opportunities during the day to remove myself from the moment. I see the joy that my children bring to me, and the awesome experience of watching them grow. I know that they won’t be small for long, and soon enough they’ll be less excited to play with me. It makes me appreciate the days we share together.

The best weapon I have in my daily deluge is gratitude. My children bring tremendous good into the world. When I recognize the beauty and value of my children, I can’t help but smile.