Catholic Husband

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Ten years ago, I launched this blog. With a plan, and a few months worth of work, I wrote and prepared articles for publication. They were simple, short, and to the point. I wrote about the lessons that I’d experienced, the things I was thinking about, and the experiences that I had.

In the years that followed, I went from a father of one child to now having four. I wrote three books, started homeschooling, moved three times, and even launched my own business. My publishing schedule has slowed since those early days as my life has filled up, but a decade later, I’m still here.

Now just over 900 posts, I marvel at how the themes woven into these blogs reoccur. Each week brings a new lesson, or a new spin on an old lesson. Many lessons I’m still relearning and likely will need to relearn several more times.

This body of work represents something intimate; it’s the place where my deepest thoughts come to the fore. This is a nice place for me to be and to write, and I hope that in another decade, I’ll share a similar reflection in a post titled, “Twenty.”