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Why Do You Go to Mass?

Why do you go to Mass? In our lives, the intent behind an action is sometimes more important than the action itself. What are your motivations?

Intentions matter, a lot. You can do something very good with bad intentions. For example, you could help resettle a refugee family so that others will think highly of you. Bad intent can ruin any good that might come from an action.

Going to Mass on Sunday is a requirement of Catholics. The Church has this requirement because She knows that we need to be together as a community, and we, as individuals, need strength to make it through the week.

Do we go out of a sense of duty? Do we go out of a sense of obligation? Or do we go out of a sense of love?

If you find yourself going out of a sense of duty or obligation, it’s time to reevaluate your intent.

Your faith should be a love affair. Nothing in your relationship with God should feel like an obligation. Instead, you lovingly let go of your own desires and accept that of God.