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Finding Wholesome Programming

Lately I've been really into movies, books, and TV shows based on real life Cold War era spies. History fascinates me. Some of the stories are so crazy and unbelievable that they're more entertaining than any story that a writer could make up. I think that's why I'm so drawn to spy storylines.

I personally think that sex scenes are lazy writing. It's easy to get people interested and talking about shows that are rich in salacious content, but it's really just a cheap ploy. The same can be said about vulgarity comedy. Most mainstream stand-up acts today can't be enjoyed by families because the content is for adults. Again, lazy writing.

The reason why we're having trouble finding wholesome programming is because, as consumers, we've demanded the other content. We've demanded more sex, more skin, more drugs, more fantasy. We've demanded that writers, actors, and directors create content that could never happen in the real world. We've become an audience of voyeurs, enjoying the destruction of people. We got what we asked for.

I wish that there was more wholesome programming available. I don't define wholesome as something that you'd only find on PBS or the History Channel. I'd say wholesome programming would be shows and movies that focus on the story and the message. Take HBO, for example. Almost all of their original programming is complete garbage. That's a real waste considering they're the same people who put together the amazing Band of Brothers series. They're capable of doing good, they just make more money on the junk.

What you feed your mind has an impact on your overall health and well being. Don't fill up on junk content.