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The Value of Sharing

The world is an incredibly noisy place, even more so now that the Internet gives a bullhorn to anyone who wants one. There’s a great richness in this open flow of communication. We now get to hear the stories, voices, and viewpoints of a whole range of people that we wouldn't get to hear otherwise. A quick glance at your Facebook news feed and you'll find a plethora of stories liked or commented on by your friends. In this noisy world, we're foragers for each other.

We all experience a bit of content overload. The sheer number of news sites, web sites, blogs, and social networks far exceeds any one person's ability to experience it all. So when we see or experience something great, silly, or refreshing, we share it. By sharing the best of what we find, we elevate the web experience of those with whom we're connected.

Sharing builds people. The more readers there are of a blog, the more people are helped. The more positive reinforcement the content creator receives, the better the content becomes. This universal principle of positive reinforcement is as effective in online relationships as it is in real world relationships. The more we build one another up, the better we all become.

We're a global community of people, all connected digitally. That digital connection does more than just bind us together, it encourages us to share those things which can bring joy and help to our network's life. You're a digital forager; never be afraid to share something great.