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Praying for Her

As husbands, we are called to support our wives. That support comes in many different forms. It may be materially, emotionally or mentally. It must include spiritually.

I've had good times in my spiritual life and I've had bad times. Of course, I prefer the good times. One of the main challenges that we face is when the prayer life becomes stale and too routine. Occasionally I change up what my morning and evening prayer look like. I never change it to the point where I'm not praying for my wife. She's got a lot going on with her career and with our new baby. By praying for her, I can add another layer of support to her life.

We are the spiritual head of the household. Everything that we do effects our family and they will take our lead. If our family doesn't pray together regularly, its because we haven't caused that to happen.

In fact, I'd make the argument that we have tremendous influence in the spirituality of our family. I seriously doubt that your wife would resist your proposal to increase family prayer time. So, let's make it happen.

Even if you have a great family prayer life, you need to have a solid personal prayer life to complement it. In those times you can especially intercede for your wife. You know when she's hurting or scared or needs an extra boost. In those times, you can be there silently supporting her in ways that she doesn't directly see. Yet, she'll still benefit from the graces that your generous prayers gain for her.

Praying for your wife can help you more closely attend to her needs. As you pray, you draw closer to God, who sustains your marriage. As that relationship is strengthened, so will your relationship with your wife. It turns your focus even further from yourself and moves it to her. And that is a beautiful thing.

She needs your prayers. So pray.