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3 Reasons to Pray the Rosary Daily

The Rosary is an amazing prayer. While it may be easy to discount it as rote, there’s a real beauty in the repetition. There are compelling reasons for us to pray it more often.

One of the biggest challenges in daily prayer are perceptions. I tend to perceive prayers, like the Rosary, as something that takes too much time. I’ve found, through experience, that it really doesn’t. A small pocket of time somewhere in the day is all that I really need to make it happen.

There are three reasons that you should seriously consider adding a Rosary or two somewhere in your week.

  • It’s powerful. The Rosary is a powerful intercessory tool. There are countless numbers of miracles gained, battles won, and hearts changed. The Rosary was given to us as this tool for our benefit. The Rosary carries serious weight with our Lady and Her love for it results in many answered prayers.
  • It’s therapeutic. We carry many stresses and burdens in our lives. The beautiful repetition and simplicity of the prayer can bring great calm and peace into our lives. Whether you’re in a fight with someone close to you, in the throes of temptation, or even just having a bad day, the therapy of the Rosary can be healing.
  • It only takes 15 minutes. As if the previous two reasons weren’t enough, praying the Rosary really does take only 15 minutes. That’s less than an episode of The Office or your favorite TV show. Think of how much better spent those 15 minutes are!

The Rosary is a buried treasure right in front of you. Pull out your shovel, get to work, and start praying!