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What A Nice Compliment

As a society that strives for absolute equality, we’ve really missed the boat on something key. In our rush to make sure that we don’t offend anyone or hurt their feelings, we’ve given up on the idea that being unequal in some things might actually be a good and beneficial thing.

Alison and I’s move was a great marital experience. It was difficult, it was stressful, and it was tiring. It was also refreshing. Spending all of that time together and working so closely gave me plenty of opportunities to see how our differences make us perfect together. It reaffirmed me in my decision to ask her to spend the rest of her life with me.

Some people would have us believe that differences make one gender lesser or subservient to the other. That’s just not true. Our differences are our strengths. They should be celebrated!

  • Differences benefit each other. If I was responsible for hemming the curtains in our house, we’d be sunk. The fact that Alison is naturally crafty picks up the slack where I don’t have a strength.
  • Differences remind us that we’re made for each other. Forever is a long time. We need constant reminders that we’re on the right path. The complimentary nature of our differences can be that reminder.
  • Differences benefit children. I’m not sure what kind of learner Benedict will be, but I know that with Alison and I’s different styles, he’s going to have lots of opportunities to learn new things. Sometimes he’ll need someone to hold him and other times he’ll need some tough love. With Alison and I being different, we can give him exactly what he needs.
  • Sameness is boring! Let’s face it, although you’re perfect, you’d be bored being married to yourself. Our differences keep things spicy.

No one is weaker than another or better than another for being different. Our differences cause us to compliment each other. Celebrate your manliness!