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A New Identity

In our life, we experience many transformations. We change from a child into an adolescent and an adult. We're no longer the person that we used to be. The same thing happens when we get married.

We freely give up our identity as single persons on our wedding day. This transformation is a paradox. We give everything up and yet gain everything. It's when we forget the new identity that we get into trouble.

Our lives need to center on our sense of purpose. All of our decisions pass through the framework of who we are. For example, I wouldn't make a significant purchase without consulting Alison. As a married man, I'm not the only decision-maker in my household. Alison and I work through these big choices together.

Having the identity of a married person is a beautiful thing. It represents a complete human relationship. Being married, two complimentary people, man, and woman fill out each other's weaknesses. As a result, we become co-participants in God's plan.

Being married is a privilege and one that requires work. Spouses think of the other first, involving one another in their thought processes. They share in their deliberations, sufferings, and joys.

If taken seriously, you'll notice the significance of the change in you. Your decisions will have more wisdom, you'll be less selfish, and you'll experience the satisfaction of voluntary self-sacrifice.

Having a new identity is not something to be avoided but embraced. It's a beautiful human experience and one to love. So live your new identity and enjoy its sweet rewards.