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How Nature Can Enhance Your Marriage

One of the biggest struggles that married couples face is the monotony of the normal. Married life, on a day to day basis, is quite normal and mundane. What marriages need are excitement and adventure!

I spent this past summer walking… a lot. I found an awesome route that fit perfecting into my time restraints. I drive the streets along my walking path daily. But there is something new and amazing about walking. I saw things, amazing things, that I never saw while driving. I saw flowers come and go, I watched families play, dogs run, and life happen. I saw amazing sunrises, breathtaking sunsets, and all types of clouds. I only got to experience all of those things because I spent time outside.

Quality time is important for your marriage. In fact, if you don't have quality non-sexual bonding time with your wife, you're going to have a long and difficult marriage. Nature presents the perfect solution to the boredom problem.

Outdoor activity with your wife can vary in intensity. It can be low-impact like walking or high-impact like mountain biking. You can hike a trail, relax on a beach, go swimming in an (outdoor) pool, or go for a jog. The activity can suit what you're in the mood for and you can stop and start at any time!

It's good for us to be outside! The air in your house has a lot of stale air. The outdoor expanse is fresh and new. It's good for the soul!

Exercise can improve your overall health. As you experience nature together, you'll both get healthier. That improvement in health will lead to many more (healthy) years together.

Nature is God's gift to us. He created it all, and quite well! He made it so that we could engage with nature and enjoy it. The beauty alone is justification enough.

There are truly are endless possibilities. If you and your wife want to do it, you probably can. Horseback riding on the beach, walking barefoot in a field, sailing on a lake. Nature is an endless expanse of opportunity for activities.

If you're looking for a way to grow with your wife, there's no better place to do it than outside. You'll make memories to last a lifetime and reap the health benefits to go along with it.