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Men vs. Bros

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. We live in a world full of boys. Actually, let me rephrase; we live in a world full of bros. We are men surrounded by an ocean of bros.

What’s the difference between a Man and a Bro?

  • A Man puts his family before himself. Bros are all about looking out for #1. A bro doesn't have the emotional maturity to recognize that there are people depending on him and he needs to tend to them before taking care of his own needs.
  • A Man puts his wife before his friends. Bros are never home. They’re out with the boys getting wild. They stay out all night and sleep in late. When a bro's wife asks him for some time together he accuses her of cramping his style.
  • A Man puts God first. Bros vaguely remember God from 3rd grade Sunday School. There’s no room in their life for Him because they’re too busy. Plus, Mass is for losers.
  • A Man puts his work after his family. Bros are workaholics. They will work 80 or 90 hour workweeks when they could really get it done in 60. No one asked them to work that much, they would just rather be at work than be at home. Plus, work is more fun.
  • A Man finds time to do his tasks without sacrificing family time. Bros try to complete tasks on their special projects during their family’s waking hours. Then, when his wife or kids ask for some time, he refuses because he’s got to get this stuff done. Men plan their time so they can enjoy life with their family, while still completing their special projects. Sometimes, it’s not possible, so men wake up an hour early and get it done.
  • A Man does the right thing, not the thing that benefits him. Bros are always trying to get the upper hand. They’re looking for ways to get what they want as soon as possible, even if it means cheating their wife or kids out of something. A bro goes into debt to get that flat screen TV or the car that he really can't afford without considering his family first because he really wants it.
  • A Man makes a mistake once and learns from it. Bros aren’t into self-reflection. They run into walls all the time and don’t care enough to figure out that if they use the door they can get through the wall.

So what are you? A Man or a Bro?