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Managing Your Daily Prayer Time

Do you ever go entire days without talking to your wife? Of course, not! Yet, we often find ourselves going days without spending quality time in prayer.

Certainly we pray before meals, but is that enough? Imagine you and your wife only spoke three times a day and you didn’t really share what’s going on in your life. Imagine you simply thanked her for making the food and then you ate in complete silence.

Sometimes we forget that our relationship with God is just that, a relationship. His expectations are reasonable. He wants us to follow His Will, He wants us to phone home daily, and He wants to feed us weekly at Mass.

If you really seek to improve in the spiritual life, you need to implement a daily prayer routine. It’s something that is fairly straightforward and can literally be started today. At the beginning of your day, block out 15 minutes for prayerful activities. You could spend time reading the Bible, reading a spiritual book, praying a rosary or even just talking with God.

When it comes to prayer, it’s easier than texting. You literally just start talking and you and God are linked up.

As with anything in relationships, too much repetition can lead to boredom and fatigue. Change your prayer routine frequently. You know yourself best, but monthly or quarterly is about right. We both know that when you get bored with something, you move on. Your relationship with God is too important to simply “move on” from.

The great thing about changing up your prayer routine is that it will broaden your spiritual horizons. You’ll learn about some new saint or explore a new facet of the Church.

Establish a daily routine and change it often.