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Lazy Summer Days

With deep regret, my vacation is over. A few days at home with just one kid to watch, followed by a cross-country drive to a week at Lake Michigan. This period of time is the most restful I’ve had in over a year. What a wonderful break!

There are few feelings like vacation. Sitting on the deck with a sea breeze rolling past, typing away on my computer, this is the way summer vacation feels. But we aren’t just supposed to enjoy lazy days in summer.

The days, weeks, and months are ever so busy, but every seventh day’s only purpose is for us to rest. Not to catch up on overdue tasks or get ready for the week ahead, but an entire day marked as sacred. A rhythm to our days laid out for us, but one that we ignore to our detriment.

I find Sunday to be an easy day to waste. I slip away to my desk to work on a website or process paperwork. In the process, I miss the point. Sunday should feel like this day at the lake. A day entirely my own, and to be allocated to the things that leave me feeling restored and rejuvenated.

God created many things. Indeed, that first week was full of much of the busyness that we know so well. But the seventh day, even He set that entire day aside to see what He made and that it is good. I should do the same.