Catholic Husband

Love / Lead / Serve


We’re lucky in the summer to have several large oak trees around our house. They give us glorious shade and a respite from the intense afternoon sun. This was our first Fall in this house, and I didn’t realize just how many acorns these giants drop. I now have a sizable oak grove in my front yard.

Getting my lawn back in order for spring was no small task. There were sticks to pick up, leaves to rake, weeds to pull, flowers to plant, and mulch to put down. Thankfully my mom was in town and we spent over five hours just bringing everything back into shape.

Our garden was particularly messy. Amongst the weeds that had cropped up were vulnerable seedlings that had been replanted by the various bushes and perennials in the garden bed. My mom worked meticulously to pull out the weeds and care for the seedlings.

The other day I was sitting in the playroom with my children and I looked out at the beauty and order we had restored, and realized that I was charged with the same thing as a parent. The characteristics that make an excellent gardener are the same ones that make a great parent.

Each day we have to help our children grow and keep them safe. We have to diligently watch them, prepare their meals, and help them to explore their world. All along the way, we have to pull out the weeds of bad habits and encourage good ones. We must be patient throughout the growing process, because it is a long one.

Gardeners have varying degrees of skill, experience, training, and background. Even a new gardener can grow a beautiful garden if they give it enough attention and care. The same is true for parents. Whether you have one child or ten, with patience, care, and attention, you can be successful.