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Game Night

Families today are busy. Parents are working multiple jobs, kids are going to school during the day and then participating in extracurricular activities until late in the evening. With all of these divergent schedules, it can be hard to have regular family time.

Like anything else that’s a priority in your life, you have to schedule time for it.

Admittedly, I don’t like board games that much. When playing games, I don’t necessarily enjoy an extremely competitive atmosphere. So Alison and I found some board games that aren’t really competitive, just fun. We set aside time each week for having a Game Night. It’s insanely fun.

A family game night is a great chance for your family to have some high quality time together. It’s also cost effective. Many of the usual “recreational” activities, such as going to the movies, can be extremely expensive for a family. With game night, you purchase a board game once that can last for years.

Game night is a lost treasure. People have almost forgotten that board games or card games are incredibly entertaining. You’ll make memories together and will doubtlessly start several inside jokes.

It’s time to bring the family together. It’s time to bring back game night.