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Fatigue is the Worst

Fatigue is the worst, especially when you have a family depending on you.

One of the many changes that I experienced as a new Dad was the virtual end of sick days. This will be even more true when Alison begins her residency next month. It’s not even just the regular sickness that can get you down. Fatigue of any kind is killer. All you want to do is lay around, but you can’t because people are depending on you.

Fatigue is hard to overcome when it starts. Your bed calls to you all day long as your spouse, your children and your to do list call you to action. So how can you beat this killer?

  • Regular exercise. Exercise solves many of our bodily and mental problems. A great thing that I’ve found is the simple act of taking a walk can do the trick. Not only will you have more energy and be more alert, you’ll physically feel better!
  • Go to bed on time and wake up on time. Our bodies are really cool. They have something called the Circadian rhythm. Basically it’s your internal clock. If you go to bed at generally the same time and wake up generally at the same time you’ll have better sleep and wake up more energized.
  • Keep your routines going. The more you can stick to your routine, the more resistant to fatigue you’ll be. Fatigue tries to lure you into laziness. When you miss your routine, you feel “off.” So rob fatigue of this effective weapon!

Fatigue will ruin your day. So stick to a routine, stay on top of your sleep, and exercise and you’ll have a much more pleasant tomorrow.