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Let's Fail at Sin

We spend too much time trying to fix our spouse.

When we have marriage problems, we're the first to blame the other person. It's normal. But, when we do, we overlook something quite obvious.

We're probably the problem.

The good news is, we're a problem that we can fix. The time for personal makeovers isn't just at New Years. In fact, by seeking daily renewal, we can significantly improve how our spouse's actions appear to us.

The problem is sin.

We weren't the first to sin, but we sure are good at it! We fall into every little trap. It's so bad that sometimes we go looking for sin!

The problem with sin is that it doesn't just affect us. It affects the Body of Christ. It affects our spouse in a particular way. 

Sin weakens charity. What does that mean? It gets in the way of our relationship with God, Who is Love. The further we get from God, the harder it is to not sin. The only way to get rid of sin is to understand it.

Many people wake up on New Years Day and resolve to lose 20 pounds. Two weeks later, they're destroying row after row of Thin Mints. Why did they fail? Lack of willpower? Maybe. Lack of understanding. Definitely.

You have to understand why you are falling into a particular sin. You need to study the sin and your habits surrounding it. What makes you commit that sin more often? What causes you to move past the point of no return?

Once you understand why you sin, you can understand how to navigate around it. If you are constantly eating gluttonously, maybe you need to learn about techniques for portion control. Or perhaps you could avoid eating out in restaurants.

Another great way to identify where you are weak is through a daily examination of conscience. It's basically a daily recap of where you went wrong. There are plenty of guides and pamphlets out there.

A daily examination of conscience helps you focus in on your failings and understand better where you need to work.

In our world, being a success is everything. You must try your hardest and win! I've got a better idea for today.

Let's try to fail at sinning.