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Endure Misery

Life is full of a range of emotions. There are days when we're over the moon and others when we're down in the dumps. There are events that lift our spirits and others that drag us to dark places. While we're sure to have periods of great joy and fulfillment, we'll also have prolonged periods of deep misery. We seem to easily acknowledge that our good feelings are temporary, yet we fail to do the same to bad feelings. Misery is temporary.

When you're experiencing a period of misery, find a way out of it. What’s the root problem and what can you do it resolve it? How can you minimize the impact that misery is having on your life? It's true that some factors are outside of our control, but others are very much within our grasp. If your job is causing you to be miserable, maybe you could look for a better one. If your life choices are leading to misery, perhaps you seek help. If your family situation is causing misery, it may be wise to finally resolve those longstanding issues.

We tend to only seek out God when times are tough. When all is well, our mind tells us that we don't need God. In difficult times or in challenging times, we seek out God asking for aid. When you're in a period of misery, lean into your prayer life. Seek out help from Mary, your patron saint, and anyone else you can think of! Acknowledge God's great power and love and understand that prayer really works!

Misery will happen and when it does, try to work through the core issues and be sure to turn to God in prayer and ask for assistance.