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Don't Bury Your Talent

I used to work for a non-profit. My job was to go into communities and start youth programs. The biggest obstacle I faced every time I tried to get a program started was getting the parents involved. It seemed like no matter where I was, urban, rural, affluent, poor, parents just didn’t want to volunteer. There were some very notable exceptions, but by and large, most parents that I met seemed pretty absentee.

We’re each given special gifts and talents that we’re supposed to use for the benefit of others. Our skills should be put to work improving the lives of our family and of our community. When we hold back, we rob everyone of the chance for a better life.

It’s critically important for your growth and health as a human person to give of your time. Don’t go overboard and give so much that you do it poorly, but give an appropriate amount. Our communities need volunteers. Our communities need leaders.

Instead of being the person hiding in the back trying to dodge helping out, get involved! No one likes people who only take. So coach a little league team, lead a youth group, or staff the local food bank.

We all have talents, big and small, that can be put to use improving the lives of others. Put yours in action starting today.