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Community of Prayer

One evening I was traveling home from work. It was a nice summer evening, the sun had set and the city streets were alive.

As I was approaching home, all traffic stopped. An ambulance was approaching with its lights and sirens on. Someone needed help, and the ambulance needed to get there as soon as possible.

I stopped, as I always do, and prayed a Hail Mary for the medics and the patient. It’s something I was taught to do as a child.

After I completed my prayer, my thoughts turned in two directions.

First, I was thankful to be living in the United States where we have a fabulous emergency response network. No matter who you are or where you are, a single phone call can get help to you. That is a great blessing and something we should always be thankful for.

Second, I thought about the universality of the Church and our call as Catholic men to pray for one another. I’ve written in the past about praying for your wife and family, which should be daily prayers. But we are also called to pray for those we know and don’t know, inside and outside of the Church.

As you pray, whether it be when you hear a siren, or pass a Catholic Church, or whatever occasion prompts it, be sure to include those you are with in the prayer. It doesn’t just have to be a private event. This can be a powerful witness to your wife, children, and/or family.

Be men of faith, be men of prayer. Pray without ceasing.