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Coming Home

Coming home can be the best part of your day!

Your work is over, and you get to now focus on the things you want to focus on: your wife and your family.

No matter who gets home first, you should always prepare for the arrival of your spouse.

When you come in the door, drop your stuff and acknowledge your wife. Don’t go into the office and put your things down and start your routine.

Acknowledge her important place in your life!

I am very guilty of trying to put my things down first, and I don’t always do a great job of saying hello and having some “us” time. That is a mistake on my part… this is important!

You both labor throughout the day separate from each other. Now you are able to finally be with the one you love!

If you are the first one home, when your wife comes in, stop what you’re doing. Go to the door and greet her.

This communicates your love for her. If you have kids, it is also a great example for them!

You are about to start an evening together. Make that first moment a capstone of your days.